Ethnic cuisine: Traditional H’Mong food you can’t miss

Traditional H’Mong food, renowned for its delectable flavors, is a hallmark of the H’Mong, one of the primary ethnic minorities in Sapa Town, Lao Cai Province. Alongside their distinctive customs and habits, the H’Mong people offer visitors an unforgettable cultural and culinary experience.

H'Mong ethnic people

Men men – a specialty of the H’Mong people

The primary ingredient in the majority of traditional H’Mong food recipes is corn. The H’Mong ethnic group depends heavily on corn for daily sustenance and economic growth. The H’Mong people have created a variety of delicious recipes with rich, distinctive flavors from this food source. “Men men” is a traditional H’mong food from corn that is not only well-liked but also incredibly tasty.

corns - the primary ingredient in H'Mong food

Corn is milled into flour, mixed with water to make it moist enough, then kneaded the first cooked dough, is poured out to cool, then added a little water is to knead well and again. Cooked flour is poured into a sieve and then scooped with a spoonful of broth, vegetables, meat and other foods. One more thing indispensable when eating this dish is grilled chili. Because Sapa is an area with a very cold climate, the H’Mong people eat chili to fight the cold. Because this is a dry dish, people who usually eat this dish should add a bowl of hot soup. 

Men men - a unique dish of the H'Mong people

Thang Co – The traditional H’Mong food 

While consuming meals on regular days fulfills the basic requirement for satiety, during certain festivals, the emphasis shifts towards the communal aspect of dining. Imagine a scene where a single bottle of alcoholic beverage and a pot of “Thang Co” (featuring horsemeat as the primary ingredient) take center stage. Each individual partakes in the shared bottle and savors the same pot of soup. This picturesque scenario reflects the beauty of community and equality deeply ingrained in the H’Mong people’s culinary customs.

Thang Co - The traditional H'Mong food 
How to make Thang Co

The black chicken assumes an essential role in the festivities of the traditional H’Mong New Year. According to belief, the awakening of the sun god is intricately tied to the presence of the chicken, and without it, the world would remain shrouded in perpetual darkness. This symbolic significance underscores the crucial role the black chicken plays in ushering in the New Year and illuminating the beginning of renewed light and hope in H’Mong traditions.

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H'Mong black chicken - traditional H'Mong food

The majority of black H’Mong chickens are nurtured amidst the untouched wilderness, granting them the liberty to engage in their food forays. Their abode in the elevated altitudes significantly influences the distinct characteristics of their poultry, resulting in a thick and crispy skin. Moreover, the chicken boasts a texture that is both firm and non-chewy, embodying a lean and wholesome quality that resonates with the natural environment they thrive.

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