The Joy Of Feasting Tasting Menu – Vietnamese food culture

A Vietnamese proverb that describes the traditional activities and customs associated with each month of the lunar calendar. Inspired by spring festivals, The Joy Of Feasting Tasting Menu has created dishes imbued with Vietnamese food culture.

“January is for celebrations,

and February is for recreational gamblings.

March is a month of feasting,

and April is a month of making sweet soups.

As we celebrate Doan Ngo Festival.

We enter the month of May, and the end of this festive journey.”

Mùa Vui - The Joy Of Feasting

The inspiration of traditional festivals in spring

Traditional folk festivals originate from the spiritual needs of the ancient village community. The festival is considered as a bridge connecting the past with the present,  a form of education about culture and also as a legitimate spiritual need that needs to be preserved. In the spring, these celebrations are more vivid than ever. Spring is a time for enjoyment and celebration following harvesting autumn and bitterly hard winter.

The Joy Of Feasting Tasting Menu takes customers on a rich entertainment trip that features the fresh flavors of spring while also introducing them to the joys of traditional festivals and the Vietnamese food culture. With more than 13 dishes with different stories, Gia wants to introduce a new cultural experience through every flavor, every Vietnamese proverb and traditional festival about the joy in spring.

The Joy of Feasting tasting menu with the special snacking Gourd-Crab-Fish

Gourd-Crab-Fish traditional game is a part of The Joy Of Feasting

Enter The Joy of Feasting with the special snacking Gourd-Crab-Fish. It is inspired by the traditional game that launches the path of leisurely traditional activity. We will offer you to play this game as our own rule. If 2 of 3 dice show the same image, we will give you a secret dish as a gift for the winner. The joyful sound of the dice hitting each other and the cheers of the group playing huddled together, these familiar sounds are the joys that we find to start this festive journey with the bustling atmosphere of culture in each taste and emotion.

a secret dish as a gift
A dish is decorated in a cup
a well-decorated dish at Gia Restaurant

Vietnamese food culture is still the root

After the “festival” dishes, we will take you back to Vietnamese roots with a classic family meal with rice, vegetables, and fish. Vietnamese food culture is arranged vividly demonstrates the wet rice civilization since eating is a culture that makes use of the natural environment, which is greatly influenced by living situations. Rice with vegetables is a tradition of plant culture, while rice with fish is a tradition of river culture.

Eating, which was originally an instinct for survival, is now a cultural activity for enjoyment. A simple dinner with a rich history, a daily meal that serves as the foundation of an entire society.

a plate of premium food
a classic family meal with rice, vegetables, and fish

We won’t take away your surprise by talking about details and hope that our beloved customers will have a wonderful experience when participating in the journey of Vietnamese food culture discovery with The Joy of Feasting Tasting Menu. 

Let’s experience other traditional dishes at Gia!