Persimmon branches – A growing decoration trend in autumn

The practice of purchasing persimmon branches to arrange has been growing recently instead of using fresh flowers, which only last for 3-5 days. Particularly beginning in the first few weeks of autumn, Hanoi’s women start to shop for this branches. 

The rise of the persimmon branches decoration trend

The tradition of using fresh branches as a decorative element is gaining momentum, offering an extended lifespan compared to the fleeting beauty of fresh flowers. Particularly as autumn unfurls its vibrant colors, Hanoi residents are increasingly gravitating towards the rich, warm hues of persimmon branches to adorn their homes. This shift represents a celebration of the season’s bounty and a departure from conventional decor choices.

Decorative persimmon branches

Persimmon branches, laden with fruit in varying shades of green, yellow, and red, serve as captivating focal points in home decor. Persimmons start out green when first bought and eventually turn pale yellow. After a while, the color became darker and quickly changed to red shirt-like dangling lanterns to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

fresh persimmon branches

Beyond their sheer aesthetic appeal, these persimmons contribute to a multi-sensory experience by offering a delightful treat when they ripen, engaging not just the eyes but also the taste buds, enhancing their role in the decorative ensemble.

Choosing persimmon branches and a suitable vase

When embarking on the journey of selecting persimmon branches for a decorative arrangement, size and weight become crucial considerations. Optimal choices involve picking robust, healthy branches that promise a visually stunning and enduring display. A discerning eye can identify branches with the right balance to support the relatively large and heavy persimmons.

persimmon branches in vase

Moving to the choice of a vase, wisdom dictates opting for a small-mouthed jar or providing additional support for multiple branches to accommodate the substantial weight. Equally important is selecting a sturdy vase, ensuring it can gracefully withstand the burden of the branches, creating not just an aesthetically pleasing but also a secure and harmonious display.

Arranging branches in the vase

Crafting a beautiful vase of persimmon branches involves more than mere placement; it’s an artful process of careful pruning and arrangement. Stripping away all leaves exposes the vibrant fruits, intensifying the visual appeal of the arrangement. Small-motif ceramic vases, with their intricate patterns and charming designs, prove to be ideal companions for persimmon branches, adding an extra layer of charm to the overall ensemble.

Persimmon branches in pottery

To further enhance the arrangement’s aesthetic, consider introducing loose fruits or other complementary ornamental elements at the vase’s bottom, creating a delightful visual narrative. Pruning each leaf, leaving only branches and fruit, contributes to a clean and sophisticated look that elevates the arrangement’s overall elegance. Optimal arrangements embrace a diversity of branches, showcasing a mix of green, yellow, and red fruits, ensuring a dynamic, vibrant, and utterly eye-catching display that celebrates the full spectrum of autumn’s rich palette.

As autumn arrives, the fresh branches decoration trend stands out as a testament to embracing nature’s bounty. By selecting, arranging, and displaying this branches thoughtfully, homeowners can create a visual masterpiece that not only celebrates autumn’s charm but also ushers in a touch of festive elegance. Whether adorning your living space or preparing for the full moon celebration, incorporating persimmon branches adds a unique and captivating touch to your autumn decor.