Celebrate the full moon with 5 distinct fruits of autumn

Hanoi autumn has a distinct ripe fruit flavor that captures our hearts. This is a gift that nature and earth have given to this land for thousands of years. Autumn in Hanoi always has an irresistible beauty in the silent yet deep feelings, thanks to the gentle sunshine, wind, and lingering aroma of flowers and fruits.

Grapefruit – one of typical fruits of autum

Grapefruit is one of the fruits associated with autumn and especially with the Mid-Autumn Festival because the harvest season coincides with autumn according to the lunar calendar. This fruit with a sweet and sour taste appears on ancestral trays and altars. The spherical shape of a grapefruit symbolizes the full moon. The pronunciation of the word “grapefruit” in Chinese is similar to the word “blessing”. Therefore, people believe that eating grapefruit on this festival will bring them good fortune. On Mid-Autumn Festival night, people set out a tray of grapefruit and moon cakes to offer to their ancestors and the moon goddess.

Grapefruit - one of typical fruits of autum

Pomegranates – symbol of prosperity

Pomegranates are like small lanterns hanging on branches, intertwined with green leaves, becoming a unique autumn scene. The pomegranate tree symbolizes the good meaning of having many descendants. When the fruit is ripe, it is like small red lanterns bringing prosperity. According to ancient people, planting pomegranates in front of the house also meant wishing the family more prosperity and a peaceful life. Pomegranate tastes as sweet as honey, which also means that our lives are sweet and happy. Therefore, when the Mid-Autumn Festival comes, many people like to place pomegranates in their homes to express good fortune.


Tangerines – citrus fruits have cultural significance

In the fall, tangerines undergo a captivating transformation, becoming larger, adorned with eye-catching colors, and exuding a succulence that complements their thin skin and sweet taste. Beyond their culinary appeal, these citrus fruits hold cultural significance, having been utilized on ancestral altars for centuries to invite success in exams and business ventures.


Mango and the meaning of its name

Mango trees have varied flavors in each location due to the different soil. A good mango, on the other hand, should have soft, smooth flesh and low fiber. According to the southern pronunciation, mango means spending. That’s why people add mangoes to the five-fruit tray with the hope that they will have enough money to live. Hoa Loc mangoes are given priority for fruit trays because the shiny yellow color symbolizes gold, and wealth.


Banana – an indispensable fruit on the five-fruit tray

If autumn flavor are more about sweet fruits, then bananas are a simple yet special gift. If you are living in Hanoi, we believe that you would fall in love with the scent of ripe bananas containing the sweet sunshine and fragrant breeze of golden autumn

Bananas are not only delicious, easy to eat, and easy to digest, but are also extremely nutritious. It has a special spiritual meaning like a hand reaching out to receive luck, blessings and gathering. Besides persimmons, guavas, and green rice, bananas are also represented on the fruit tray during the Mid-Autumn Festival.


Mid-Autumn five-fruit tray – The inspiration for Gia’s Full Moon tasting menu

Perhaps, in the memory of any children, the Mid-Autumn Festival is always a memorable part. The feeling of being gathered around the full moon tray is always exciting. Aside from entertainment and traditional moon cakes, preparing a tray of five fruits to offer at the ancestral shrine is also essential. According to traditional Vietnamese customs, this tray of five fruits also symbolizes 5 elements: Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

The specific types of fruit used in the five-fruit tray vary depending on the region and spiritual perspective. In the North, the five-fruit tray often includes bananas, grapefruits, pomegranates, persimmons, and tangerines, with bananas often placed in the middle and other types on top. 

Working atmosphere at Gia Restaurant

After so many Mid-Autumn Festivals, the children have grown up but we believe that the magical feeling when waiting to enjoy the typical flavor of the full moon season is still intact. This is also our inspiration for our pre-dessert on this Full Moon Tasting menu. We will offer you a five-fruit tray and let you choose three kinds of fruits. As for the rest, let us create a dessert for you with the autumn flavors of your choice. This moon season, let’s visit Gia and together we will feel a sky of memories.