Decoration trend for autumn –  Persimmon branches

The practice of purchasing persimmon branches to arrange has been growing recently instead of using fresh flowers, which only last for 3-5 days. Particularly beginning in the first few weeks of autumn, Hanoi’s women start to shop for persimmon branches. Rose branches laden with fruit, green, yellow, red and ripe, are are arranged in a […]

Celebrate the full moon with your own autumn flavor at Gia

Hanoi’s autumn flavor has a distinct ripe fruit flavor that capture our hearts. This is a gift that nature and earth have given to this land for thousands of years. Autumn in Hanoi always has an irresistible beauty in the silent yet deep feelings, thanks to the gentle sunshine, wind, and lingering aroma of flowers […]

The Mid-Autumn Festival – Ripe ingredients and exquisite foods

Mid-Autumn Festival is a holiday born as a day for workers to rest, relax and enjoy their own achievements after hard days in the fields and gardens. It is also an opportunity for family members to gather and reunite. The full moon day of August, also known by the affectionate name “Mid-Autumn Festival” is the […]

Young rice – a typical culinary gift of Hanoi’s autumn

When autumn comes, it goes along with the elegant aroma of a favorite type of long-grain snacks which enchants the soul of Hanoians as well as many pilgrims living in Hanoi. This snack is made from young rice, collected at the end of the summer. Green sticky, originally called Com, has been sold in every […]

How does Southern Vietnamese Cuisine become special?

The subtlety of traditional Vietnamese cuisine is the delicate selection and combination of flavors. For example, Southern cuisine tend to be light and balanced flavors; the Central region with a humid climate, so the taste is salty and spicy to help warm the body. And for the people in the South, they like the sweet […]

Head Chef Sam Tran: The first chef of One Michelin Star restaurant

It’s thought that all chefs are born with a burning passion for cooking, but this isn’t always the case. Such a person is Chef Sam Tran, the leading female chef on the fine dining map of Vietnam, who trained in Australia for over ten years before returning to Vietnam to open a modern Vietnam restaurant […]

The arrival of Michelin Guide to Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City

The Michelin Guide is an annual guidebook that is published by the French tire company Michelin for more than a dozen countries. It provides recommendations for restaurants and hotels in various price ranges.  What is Michelin Guide and Michelin Star Interestingly, the invention of the Michelin Star rating coincides with the invention of the automobile. […]

Pumpkin blossom and star anise – The god of precious medicine

Pumpkin blossom and star anise are considered by oriental medicine to be an omnipotent, nutritious vegetable, the god of precious medicine, and can process many delicious and nutritious dishes for family meals. The effect of Pumpkin blossom and star anise Pumpkin blossom are more nutritious than any other vegetable, can make many delicious dishes and […]

The Significance of Family Meals in Vietnamese Culture

In Vietnamese culture, the act of sharing meals with family is considered to be an important aspect of maintaining strong family ties. Family meals are viewed as a time to not only nourish the body, but also to nourish the soul. The significance of family meals This tradition ( traditional family meals ) has its […]

The Joy Of Feasting Tasting Menu – Vietnamese food culture

A Vietnamese proverb that describes the traditional activities and customs associated with each month of the lunar calendar. Inspired by spring festivals, The Joy Of Feasting Tasting Menu has created dishes imbued with Vietnamese food culture. “January is for celebrations, and February is for recreational gamblings. March is a month of feasting, and April is […]