About Gia Restaurant

Gia Restaurant – Innovative Vietnamese Restaurant

“Gia”, as in “Gia dinh”, means “family” or “home” in Vietnamese, the place where you feel safe, loved, and found. The story of Gia originates from our founders– who lived far away from homes for a long time, with the strong desire to come back one day and create great values for their homes, their communities, and their city. Here they are, back to where their hearts belong to, in the heart of Hanoi capital, Gia.

Gia Restaurant is founded with the admiration of traditional Vietnamese gastronomy and regional heritage charms, it’s where natural components meet contemporary cooking approach. We use seasonal local ingredients and spices as the foundation. Diners will be served more than 10 dishes with different stories implied by our chefs.
By using modern cooking technique as a fresh approach to Vietnamese cuisine, Gia welcomes diners to a delightful and creative culinary journey.
We hope you will be thrilled not only because of the taste, but also the thoughts and stories that our chefs want to tell.

Gia’s team.