Decoration trend for autumn –  Persimmon branches

The practice of purchasing persimmon branches to arrange has been growing recently instead of using fresh flowers, which only last for 3-5 days. Particularly beginning in the first few weeks of autumn, Hanoi’s women start to shop for persimmon branches. Rose branches laden with fruit, green, yellow, red and ripe, are are arranged in a plain ceramic vase to add brightness to the space.

Persimmons start out green when first bought and eventually turn pale yellow. After a while, the color became darker and quickly changed to red shirt-like dangling lanterns to welcome the Mid-Autumn Festival. You can eat the persimmons when they are ripe.

To have a beautiful vase of persimmon branches, people should choose healthy branches, because persimmons are large and relatively heavy. You can remove all the leaves to expose the fruit. If you put in a few branches, you should choose a jar with a small mouth, or give the branches a support. The vase must be heavy to withstand the force of the rose branches.

Persimmon branches work well in small-motif ceramic vases. When arranging, you should add some loose fruits to the bottom or other ornamental elements. Pruning should be done on every leaf, leaving just the branches and fruit. Select a branch that has a combination of green, yellow, and red fruit so that when it is planted, the overall appearance will be more vibrant and eye-catching. It should be submerged in water, with the water being changed every few days to keep it fresh for a long period.

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