Vietnamese sweet – A classic summer flavor

An introduction to Vietnamese sweet

One of the most popular snacks in Hanoi during this season is chè which means Vietnamese sweet. On almost every street, you can easily find chè stalls ranging from carts to small sidewalk vendors.

Vietnamese sweet is a popular dish that is closely associated with many people’s childhoods. It is a year-round dish enjoyed by many people, whether it’s hot or cold outside. Especially during the hot summer, eating a bowl of chè to cool down is ideal.

The historic Vietnamese sweet booths in Hanoi have long maintained their position in the capital city’s core, and have left a lasting impression on generations of Trang An people. Hanoians have always enjoyed this food. Traditional Vietnamese sweets made with lotus seed, black beans, and green beans were once relished on hot summer evenings. Sticky rice sweet soup is also a tasty snack for a cold winter afternoon.

The classic snack has gotten more diverse throughout the years, with many various types of versions. Traditional Vietnamese sweets have retained their quiet place, retaining the traditional Hanoi flavor with unchanged ingredients, providing a distinct and pure flavor that is not blended with any other sort of other varieties.

Vietnamese sweet Gia

As children of the capital, we have a special love for the familiar traditional dessert in Hanoi. It’s not fancy, but it’s the perfect refreshing treat for the hot summer days. The rows of sweet soup shops that have been there for decades in alleys or even simple street vendors are characteristic of Hanoi’s street food. Those familiar memories inspire us to add this flavor to the menu this season.

The traditional dessert of Hanoians was simply beans that were simmered and added sugar to sweeten. By the time it has been mixed with other toppings like coconut, black jelly, and pearls. The aromatic black bean, crunchy black jelly, and light sweet syrup with a hint of jasmine aroma make up the perfect dessert. Just simple ingredients but express the significant summer flavor of ancient Hanoi.

At Gia, these traditional ingredients are still present, but they have been innovated in entirely different ways. Please enjoy it.