Kombucha drink – leading the trend of healthy living

Kombucha drink is being hailed as a trend for those interested in a healthy lifestyle.

Kombucha drink is one of the valuable fermented from the fusion of dried tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) and sugar (sugarcane or sugar beet) by a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeasts, commonly called SCOBY, which is also known as “mushroom tea” or “tea fungus”.

Fermentation of kombucha from tea and Scoby seed (symbiosis of bacteria and yeast) usually takes place within 7-30 days at room temperature of 20-29°C. Kombucha positively affects the immune system thanks to its rich source of probiotics, vitamin B, antioxidants, and natural acetic acid that are hard to find in common sugary drinks. From a recipe that is hand-fermented with SCOOBY probiotics with tea essence and sugar cane, Kombucha teas offer a distinctive sour taste, and a little pangolin as a natural “gas”.

With the function of supporting the digestive system with good intestinal bacteria, Kombucha tea has anti-inflammatory effects, supports weight loss, improves cholesterol levels / cardiovascular-related diseases and controls blood sugar, reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Customers frequently enjoy food and wine at fine dining restaurants as a habit.  Gia, however, aims to diversify the client experience with a seasonally-changing non-alcoholic beverage menu, including kombucha as the star beverage. Gia keeps fermented ingredients in a hidden area that is meticulously maintained for temperature, humidity, and the fermentation of each product. To deliver the highest possible quality products to customers, the nurturing process must be meticulous and daily checks must be made because each product has a varied fermentation period.

The menu of kombucha will be changed seasonally depending on the availability of ingredients, and paired with food to provide the most complete experience of both eating and drinking because delicious food must accompany delicious drinks. With a slight natural gas, kombucha is suitable to enjoy with appetizers before meals.

You can make kombucha at home, but to achieve a tasty and healthy kombucha product, you should pay attention to food hygiene and safety, preparation, temperature, etc.