In the evening of March 16, 2023, Chef Sam Tran from Gia Restaurant was honored to have the opportunity to accompany Chef Thao Na from Lavella Library in the special culinary event “Flowers”, which is the combination of exhilarating French culinary and exquisite Vietnamese cuisine in the romantic garden space at Lavelle Library.

“Flowers” ​​is inspired by the association between women and flowers. Each woman is often linked to a flower. They also have their own beauty which is something to adorn this life more lively. This event is like the night for the flowers to bloom beautifully. In this gorgeous garden, diners will enjoy the culinary quintessence from the blossom of two special chefs.

“Cooking with all your heart and kindness” is how Sam Tran – Head Chef of Gia restaurant talks about the experience she wants to bring to each of her diners. The cuisine originates from its ingredients – this is the core value of Gia Restaurant in the stages of developing the menu. Sam Tran has researched and used the traditional ingredients for all the dishes for the purpose of creating a unique experience and a harmonic blending of modern cooking techniques and heritage Vietnamese cuisines.

Starting with a passion for cooking, Chef Thao Na has worked and accumulated experience for a long time at Park Hyatt (Paris, France). That’s why her culinary style is inclined toward French cuisine with simplicity and lightness, honoring the beauty and inherent flavor of ingredients.

Two distinct personalities, with the same passion for food and the original beauty of traditional ingredients, Chef Sam Tran Gia and Chef Thao Na brought interesting stories and memorable experiences to the Saigonese.